This. Is our block.

When you are able to study one course, and your professor teaches one course, you can immerse yourself in your studies, discover what excites you, connect with the community, and learn how to get things done.

When you visit Cornell, you’ll notice how friendly and engaged people are. That’s what you’ll experience as a student too. Your faculty, your coaches, your support staff, and your peers are all invested in helping you succeed and make the most of your education. People here will become life-long friends and mentors. When you graduate, you will have the knowledge you need to succeed on your own. Cornell is identified as one of the original Colleges that Change Lives, and our Ingenuity curriculum makes the most of One Course At A Time to prepare you for your life after Cornell whether that means transitioning to entrepreneurship, graduate study, service, launching your career, or your custom combination of those.

Our students bring diverse perspectives, open-minded discussion, and imaginative community activities to our Hilltop community. And they come from 45 states, territories, and international military posts, and from 13 foreign countries, bringing the world to Cornell College.