Who learns best One Course At A Time?

Anyone who is able to mine their curiosity and truly explore the material at hand will succeed here. One of the best features of One Course At A Time is that it gives you the time and space to truly focus. When you don’t have three or four different subjects pulling your thoughts in different directions you can really get to know the material, even if it wasn’t something you originally thought would interest you. When concepts and problems come to life, when your professor teaches with you rather than at you, and when your classmates are all similarly focused, class gets exciting.

It sounds intense...

Sure it is, and that’s what really appeals to students, faculty, and their future employers. When your education mirrors the problem-solving challenges you’ll experience in the workplace, and the timeline you have to get that work done, you build skills for life

Important workplace skills include:

Critical thinking—you’ll solve problems thoroughly and well. 

Teamwork & collaboration—every class is a team and you’ll take turns leading projects and discussion. 

Communication skills—debate, papers, and reflection help you articulate your ideas. 

Global fluency—pick up courses on and off campus that investigate unfamiliar cultures. 

Time management—you’ll be a pro after four years.