All Cornell scholarships are renewable. You will receive your first-year scholarship for four years as long as you maintain satisfactory academic progress. When you apply to Cornell, you automatically apply for Cornell's first-year or transfer merit scholarships and awards.

No extra paperwork needed.

Cornell scholarships and awards

Transfer merit scholarships
Achievement Scholarship $27,000
Trustee Scholarship $22,000
Presidential Scholarship $19,000
Dean's Scholarship $17,000

International merit scholarships

Merit scholarships for international students range from $15,000-$32,000 per year. International students are not eligible for federal aid. 

Stackable scholarships may require additional steps beyond your application for admission. 

Stackable scholarships
Alumni Referral Award (deadline: Nov. 1) $1,000
Cornell College Music Scholarship up to $5,000
Cornell College Art Scholarship up to $5,000
Cornell College Theatre Scholarship up to $5,000
Cornell College Dance Scholarship up to $5,000
Legacy Award $2,000