Attendance Policy for All Music Ensembles

(All Choirs, Concert Band, Orchestra, Steel Drums, Jazz Ensembles)

1.  Two (2) absences will be allowed during a semester (four terms). After two absences, each additional unexcused absence will reduce the grade by one letter; e.g., four unexcused absences will result in a “C” for the semester.

All absences from rehearsal are unexcused except for an illness that has kept the student from classes and all other activities during that day; or an emergency in the family which has taken the student away from campus.

Absences which occur due to college requirements may be considered excused at the discretion of the ensemble director. No other absences will be considered as excused.

2.  Students who are more than 5 minutes late will be counted as late. Two (2) times being late will count the same as one unexcused absence.

3.  The director or someone appointed by the director will be responsible for taking roll.

4.  Drop policy:  Students may withdraw from the ensemble any time up to the end of Term 1 or Term 6. This can be done only by a student directly informing the faculty conductor of the ensemble by the specified deadline. No entry of the dropped course will appear on the student’s official transcript.