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Many of these Creative and Scholarly Awards are named for the legacies of former faculty members and students, and are made possible by generous supporters of the department.

Creative Awards

Creative award winners are determined by an external judge. Pieces submitted to Open Field will automatically be considered for the following creative awards, and winners will be published in Open Field.

The Tom Garst Prize for Poetry is awarded to the writer of the best poem published in Open Field in a given year. Tom Garst was a Professor of English from 1966-1988.

The Clyde C. Tull Prose Prize goes for excellence in prose. Clyde Tull was Professor of English 1916-1959, and was responsible for bringing Carl Sandburg to campus annually for 20 years.

The Academy of American Poets Prize is a nation-wide prize for excellence in poetry offered at 300 campuses each year.

Scholarly Awards

Scholarly award winners are selected by the department faculty and are based on the criteria described below.

The Beth Ellsworth Award goes to a junior woman majoring in English and Education. Beth Ellsworth, class of '72, taught high school English until her death in 1973.

The Barbara Gail Lieberknecht Award goes to a sophomore woman who shows distinction and promise in the department. Established by Ernst Lieberknecht, a Trustee from 1948-1974, in memory of his daughter, Barbara, a Cornell student who died in her junior year. She died in November, 1943.

The Winifred Van Etten Award goes to the junior who shows the most creativity and scholarship in the department. Established by Winifred Van Etten, class of '25, Professor of English, 1928-34, 1937-68, and prize-winning author.

The John Branner Shackford Shakespeare Prize goes to "that student who, by his or her love of Shakespeare, creativity and imagination, and academic work, has demonstrated excellence in the field of Shakespeare Studies." John Branner Shackford was Professor of English from 1948-73.

The John Branner Shackford Senior Award is given to "the outstanding Senior English major."

The Tom Garst Award for Excellence in Academic Writing honors an author who has produced consistently excellent academic writing. Tom Garst was a Professor of English from 1966-1988.

English Departmental Honors are bestowed upon students who demonstrate academic excellence and successfully complete a senior honors project. (Select years.)

Recognition of Service to the English Department may be awarded to students who have made significant, positive contributions in service of the department. (Select years.)

Recognition of Excellence in the Department of English and Creative Writing may be awarded for outstanding work in the Department of English and Creative Writing.