Participating in an off-campus Cornell course is an immersive learning opportunity. Studying for a block or for a few days can be a transformative experience, and not many schools or programs allow the flexibility for students to travel off-campus so easily or frequently. With One Course At A Time, you never have to worry about conflicts with your other courses.

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Traveling from Cornell to your destination around the world (and back) is education at the speed of life.

How to register for an off-campus studies course

Registration for off-campus courses is the same process as registering for on-campus courses. However, some faculty may require you to request their permission during the registration process. You may always contact the Registrar’s Office if you have any trouble registering for an off-campus course.

If you want to add an off-campus course after the initial registration period, contact us for details on what to do next.

Most off-campus studies courses have additional costs. Review the current course payment schedule for details.

And finally, don't forget to submit the course waiver and health form: