Ariadne: Resources for Athenaze

Oral Scripts

Chapter 1: Greetings and Introductions

Chapter 2a: Where is Dikaiopolis? What is he doing?

Chapter 2a: Dictation: singular verbs

Chapter 2b:"Simon Says" (imperatives)

Chapter 3a: Role Play (imperatives and infinitives)

Chapter 3b: Interview a Friend (feminine and masculine adjectives and nouns, singular and plural)

Chapter 4a: Dictation: nouns and articles

Chapter 6a: Dictation, active and middle verbs

Chapter 6b: Monopoly and Who's in charge? (dative case)

Chapter 6b: Reciprocal Dictation (cut the paper in half and distribute Parts A and B to pairs of students)

Chapter 6b: Interview Ariadne and Theseus

Chapter 7a: Take a trip to the cave of Polyphemos

Chapter 8: People Watching

Chapter 8b: Dictation: nouns and articles

Chapter 9b: Reciprocal Dictation: participial phrases

Chapter 10b: Vocabulary Review (describing people; acting out verbs)

Chapter 11a: What Happened?

Chapter 11b: Vocabulary Review (matching)

Chapter 14a: comparative adjectives-sentence builders

Chapter 14b: (Re-)Telling the Battle of Thermopylae

Chapter 17a: Philip is anxious (review of future tense, questions)

Chapter 17b: Vocabulary Cluster

Chapter 19b: Retell the Journey to Athens

Chapter 21: The Ekklesia

Chapter 21b: Goats, jars, and doors: learning to cooperate (imperatives and subjunctives)

Chapter 24b: Who is better?

Chapter 25: Where is Solon?


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