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All audio files are in MP3 format. All page numbers refer to Athenaze, Book 1

Introduction: Part II, Pronunciation of Greek letters, p xxvi

Introduction: Part IV, Practice in Pronunciation and Writing, pp. xxxiii-xxxiv

Chapter 1

Chapter 1a, Vocabulary, p. 1-2

Chapter 1a, Reading passage, p.2

Chapter 1b, Vocabulary, p. 9

Chapter 1b, Reading passage, p. 10

The Song of Seikilos (Tim Moore, "Song in the Greek Classroom," Teaching Classical Languages 4.2 [2013] 79); here is another recording of the song by David Creese.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2a, Vocabulary, p. 15-16

Chapter 2a, Grammar, p. 16-17

Chapter 2a, Reading, p. 16

Chapter 2b, Vocabulary, p. 22

Chapter 2b, Grammar, p. 24-25

Chapter 2b, Reading, p. 23

Chapter 3

Chapter 3a vocabulary, p. 29-30

Chapter 3a reading, pp. 30-31

Chapter 3b vocabulary, p. 37-38

Chapter 3b grammar, 2nd declension nouns, p. 39-40

Chapter 3b reading, p. 38

Chapter 4

Chapter 4a vocabulary, p. 45-46

Chapter 4a grammar, present tense, p. 47-49

Chapter 4a grammar, 1st declension nouns, pp.49-51

Chapter 4a reading, p. 46-47

Chapter 4b vocabulary, p. 56

Chapter 4b grammar, 1st declension masculine nouns, pp. 57-58

Chapter 4b grammar, 1st and 2nd declension adjectives, pp. 59-60

Chapter 4b reading, pp. 57

Chapter 5

Chapter 5a vocabulary, p. 65-66

Chapter 5a grammar: alpha contracts, p. 68-69

Chapter 5a reading, p. 67

Chapter 5b vocabulary, p. 74-75

Chapter 5b reading, pp. 75-75

Chapter 6

Chapter 6a vocabulary, p. 85-86

Chapter 6a grammar: middle verbs, present tense, pp. 90-92

Chapter 6a reading, pp. 87-88

Chapter 6b, vocabulary, p. 99

Chapter 6b, reading, pp. 100-101

Chapter 6, Who Am I? After reading the story of Ariadne and Theseus in 6a-b, listen to the audio clip and and decide whom the riddles are describing.

Chapter 7

Chapter 7a vocabulary, p. 110-111

Chapter 7a grammar: 3rd declension nouns, pp. 113-116

Chapter 7a reading, pp. 111-112

Chapter 7b vocabulary, p. 121-122

Chapter 7b reading, pp. 122-124

Chapter 7, Who Am I? After reading the story of Odysseus and the Cyclops in 7a-b, listen to the audio clip and and decide whom the riddles are describing.

Chapter 8

Chapter 8a vocabulary, p. 130-131

Chapter 8a reading, pp. 131-132

Chapter 8b vocabulary, p. 142-143

Chapter 8b, grammar, 3rd declension: pater, meter, and gune, pp. 145-146

Chapter 8b, grammar: pas pasa pan, p. 146-147

Chapter 8b reading, pp. 143-144

Chapter 9

Chapter 9a vocabulary, p. 155

Chapter 9a grammar; present participles, active, p. 158-159

Chapter 9a reading, pp. 1156-157

Chapter 9b vocabulary, p. 165-166

Chapter 9b reading, pp. 166-167

Chapter 10

Chapter 10a vocabulary, p. 182

Chapter 10a grammar: sigmatic futures, pp. 184-186

Chapter 10a grammar: deponent futures, pp. 186-187

Chapter 10a reading, pp. 183

Chapter 10b vocabulary, p. 191-192

Chapter 10b grammar: asigmatic (contract) futures, p. 194-195

Chapter 10b reading, pp. 192-193

Chapter 11

Chapter 11a vocabulary, p. 203-204

Chapter 11a grammar: common 2nd aorists, pp. 205-207

Chapter 11a reading, pp. 204-205

Chapter 11b vocabulary, p. 216-217

Chapter 11b reading, 217-219

Chapter 12

Chapter 12a vocabulary, p. 225

Chapter 12a grammar: 1st aorists conjugated, pp. 227-229

Chapter 12a grammar: 1st aorist participles, p. 230

Chapter 12a reading, pp. 226-227










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