Whether you’re investigating careers and organizations or seeking information about internships or jobs, Cornell alumni, parents, and friends of the college serve as excellent networking resources. Although contacting a professional may seem daunting, be assured that most are willing and interested in offering their knowledge and advice. Two-thirds of the workforce secure jobs through personal contacts, so it’s never too early to begin building a powerful network!

Networking 101:

Benefits of networking 

  • Increased insight into a career field, organization, or specific job
  • Awareness of available internship and summer job opportunities
  • Reinforced assessment of your interests and needs
  • Greater confidence in job and internship interview situations
  • Industry contacts

Read through the Berry Career Institute’s Networking Guide to learn more about the networking process and proper etiquette when reaching out to contacts.

Informational Interviews are also a great way to begin networking one on one with people that are already in your network like friends or family.  

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