Where to find us

You can find us just off the Orange Carpet under the main stairs on the middle floor of Thomas Commons. We are here Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Feel free to stop in any time but if you want to make sure we are available, please schedule an appointment. 

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Are you ready to explore careers, learn more about internships, or prepare yourself for graduate school? We have resources and information to guide you down the path you want.

Request a workshop

Interested in presenting career info to your class, student organization, or sports team? Complete a form to let us know what type of information you'd like to present to your audience. We'll work with you to design the content and find a time that works for your group. 

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Are you an employer looking to share a job or internship with Cornell College students? When students come to us looking for opportunities, Handshake is the first place we direct them. 

Who we are

  • Photo of Jodi Schafer

    Jodi Schafer

    Senior Director, Berry Career Institute

     Thomas Commons
  • Photo of Jason Napoli

    Jason Napoli

    Director, Employer Relations and Career Coaching

     Thomas Commons

    Jason is your lead contact for information on our Leadership Development Program, LEADS.

  • Photo of Mark Kendall

    Mark Kendall

    Associate Director, Career Coaching & Experiential Learning

     West Hall

    Mark is your lead contact for information on the Dimensions Program for Health Professions.

  • Photo of Danielle Linkenmeyer

    Danielle Linkenmeyer

    Associate Director, Operations & Career Coaching

     Thomas Commons
  • Photo of Abbe Stensland

    Abbe Stensland

    Mock Trial Head Coach

  • Photo of Jakob Orel

    Jakob Orel

    Student Manager

    Jakob '22 is a Computer Science major from Neola, IA who is involved in Cornell Alternative Breaks, Steel Drum Ensemble, Colleges Against Cancer, and LEADS. He has been working with the BCI for 3 years and says, "I love working with the professional staff to help students with their professional career, and I get an inside look at opportunities at the BCI." A fun fact about Jakob is, "I can solve a Rubik's cube in 30 seconds."

  • Photo of Robin Nilsson

    Robin Nilsson

    Career Assistant

    Robin '21 is an Anthropology and Business Major from Miama, FL who is involved with Track and Field. She has been working with the BCI for 3 years and says, ""Working at the BCI is the best job on campus. Being able to learn important job- finding skills while making money is a win-win. I feel more confident in my future because of everything I've learned here, and I like being able to help my peers feel that same way." A fun fact about Robin is, "I can walk on 7ft tall stilts and walk on my hands (not at the same time though)."

  • Maddy Lewis

    Career Assistant

    Maddy '22 is an International Relations major from Walford, IA who is involved in Beyond the Bomb. She has been working the BCI for 2 years and says, "I adore helping people. I'm so experienced with being lost and confused and overwhelmed by the future that I thought that being able to help people who are feeling the same would be very good for me!" A fun fact about Maddy is, "My pet cat, Bugsy, has a lazy eye."

  • Photo of Martina Avelar

    Martina Avelar

    Career Assistant

    Martina '23 is an International Relations and Spanish major with an Ethnic Studies minor from Cedar Rapids, IA. She has been working with the BCI for 2 years and says, "I like being able to help my peers create futures they are passionate about." A fun fact about Martina is, "I have traveled to 49 states."

  • Photo of Kennedy Parker

    Kennedy Parker

    Career Assistant

    Kennedy '24 is on the Pre-Occupational Therapy track and is from Rochester, MN. She has been working for the BCI for 1 year and says, "I have always wanted to help people in all areas of their life, and I am able to do this through the BCI. I am able to work alongside the BCI staff to help my peers find opportunities for their futures while also learning valuable life skills for myself." A fun fact about Kennedy is, "I love looking through Pinterest for new creative projects and ideas."

  • Ruthie Hale

    Career Assistant

    Ruthie '23 is a Sociology and International Relations major from Omaha, NE who is involved in Mock Trial, Choir, and Student Senate. She has been working with the BCI for 1 year and says, "I wanted to work somewhere where I could help people, and the BCI is a great place for that. Here, I get to connect students with opportunities for their future and help them be ready for those opportunities. I also love being so close to so much information about what I can do to make my future one where I am successful." A fun fact about Ruthie is, "My go-to stress reliever is watching Pride and Prejudice (2005) while baking an elaborate dessert."

  • Alex Nelson

    Career Assistant

    Alex '22 is a Philosophy and Spanish major from Stillwater, MN who is involved in Alternative Breaks, Union Latinx, Spanish Adjunct, and Mock Trial. He has been working with the BCI for 1 year and says, "I work at the BCI because it is a wonderful place to help people; both others and yourself. I really enjoy preparing for the future, and helping other plan and figure theirs out is intrinsically rewarding. It also teaches me lessons and gives me experience about being a professional and the BCI is a great environment to be in." A fun fact about Alex is, "I have a very large collection of Star Wars books."