By choosing to apply with no test scores you’ve committed to a new path into Cornell College. When you enter the application process, you’ll want to choose the “No Test” option.  

Be prepared to answer one of these two questions

  1. What’s a significant obstacle that you are proud to have overcome?
  2. What project have you started on your own, just because it needed to be done?

And one of these two questions

  1. If you could pursue one passion for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  2. In a book about you, what chapter would you tell us to read? And why?

You may also wish to create an optional personal portfolio that gives your admission counselor more information about you. This could be a collection of documents, a website you've created, a video you've developed, or an artist's gallery online. Note that if you attend to apply for a Fine Arts Scholarship, a professional portfolio or audition is required as part of your application.

"The test optional application made a difference in what the school saw of me, I was able to show them what I am capable of, not a test score that I am not proud of. I was able to show them that I work hard in everything I do and that I am more than just grades by making a portfolio I was able to show all sides of me and my education!" - Cheyenne Greenenwald