By choosing to apply with no test scores you’ve committed to a new path into Cornell College. When you enter the application process, you’ll want to choose the “No Test” option.  

Be prepared to answer one of these two questions

  1. What’s a significant obstacle that you are proud to have overcome?
  2. What project have you started on your own, just because it needed to be done?

And one of these two questions

  1. If you could pursue one passion for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  2. In a book about you, what chapter would you tell us to read? And why?

Build your portfolio

Start thinking about what type of portfolio and portfolio statement you’ll submit to show us how you will excel at Cornell. 


Present an image gallery (minimum of 5 images) of your work with a brief artist statement (100-250 words.) Your statement introduces your art and can include information like why and how you create art, what inspires you, or what it means to you.


Submit your performance video with a short statement (100-250 words) on your choice of repertoire and your process of preparing it.

Video storytelling

Submit a 2-3 minute video with a short statement (100-250 words) introducing it. Your statement can include things like why you chose your topic and why you produced it the way you did.

Creative writing

Please provide 2-3 of the following: poem, script, essay, fiction story, etc.. No explanation required, but it is welcome.

Photo journal

No statement is required, but we do ask that you include captions or other commentary to offer context.  Please include at least 5 images.

Wow us

This one is wide open, so really show us your creativity.


DOs: Be yourself. Reveal your personality and your perspective. Show don’t tell. Use your imagination. Put quality above quantity. Be bold. Have fun.

DON’Ts: No athletic highlight reels. No news articles (unless you wrote them, of course!).

This is not an application for a scholarship. This is your application for admission to the college.

Start application now