6.0 Computer Lab Policies

  • Food, beverages, and disruptive noise and behavior are not allowed.
  • Users should not leave a computer unattended for more than 10 minutes.
  • Users may print only one copy of a file on a Cornell printer.
  • Users may not load their own paper or envelopes in the Cornell printers.
  • Games may be played under the following conditions:


  1. Academic use of resources has priority over games. It is the responsibility of game players to recognize when resources are in need and give up their seats to other users. It should not be necessary for someone to ask them to move.
  2. Use of games must not interfere in any way with academic use of resources.
  3. Game players must refrain from noise, sound effects, violent motions, etc., which may disturb others in the facility.
  4. Users of public equipment are not allowed to make modifications to the software, hardware, or network configurations.