Department of Education verification worksheets

If you are listed as a dependent on someone else's tax return and have been selected for verification, you are required by the U.S. Department of Education to complete one of the following forms and submit it with the appropriate documentation to the Office of Financial Planning and Assistance. Please contact us if you do not know which worksheet you are required to submit.

If you are classified as an independent student for FAFSA purposes, please use the following forms:

Tax forms

You may provide the Financial Assistance Office with your 2014 Federal Tax Information by utilizing the IRS Date Retrieval Tool, built into the FAFSA form, or by requesting a 2014 Federal Tax Transcript directly from the IRS. Instructions for either process is below.

  • IRS Data Retrieval Process
    The Department of Education would like to encourage applicants and their parents to transfer tax information directly from the IRS website into the FAFSA to ensure that accurate information is provided on the FAFSA. Please click on the IRS Data Retrieval Process link above for instructions on how to complete this.

  • IRS Tax Transcript Request Process
    If your student's FAFSA has been selected for verification, and you have not utilized the IRS Data Retrieval Process on the FAFSA, then you will be required to provide the Financial Assistance Office with a copy of the following:

Additional forms

  • Special Circumstances
    If you feel that you have a special financial circumstance that you would like our office to consider, please review the special circumstance form, which gives clarification of who is eligible for special circumstance assistance and further instruction about submitting appropriate documentation. If you are eligible for special circumstance assistance, print and fill out the form and submit it to the Financial Assistance Office.
  • Parent Division of Income and Assets
    If your parents have become separated or divorced since you completed the FAFSA, please complete this form.
  • FERPA form
    If you would like to have financial aid information released to a non-custodial parent or other family member that is not listed on the FAFSA, please complete this form.
  • Dependency Override Form
    If you feel you have circumstances regarding your dependency status that you would like the Financial Assistance Office to consider, please complete this form.

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