Program advisor

Rhawn Denniston, Professor of Geology, teaches Climate Change, Environmental Geology, The Geology of New Zealand, Physical Geology, Environmental Perspectives, and other environmental studies courses. With Cornell students, he studies stalagmites and ancient coral to understand prehistoric climate conditions in various regions of the world.

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Rhawn Denniston

Affiliated faculty

Craig Allin, Professor of Politics, teaches Wilderness Politics at the Wilderness Field Station in northern Minnesota, as well as Environmental Politics, Urban Politics, and American Politics. He is the author of The Politics of Wilderness Protection, and is currently working on a second book, tentatively entitled Wilderness Wars: Protecting Nature in National Parks and Wilderness Areas. Learn more about Professor Allin on the politics department faculty page

Craig Allin

Marty Condon, Professor of Biology, teaches Evolution, Molecular Evolution, Plant Morphology and Plant Systematics. She collaborates with professional and student researchers in various institutions and countries to study the evolution and ecology of plant-animal relationships. Learn more about Professor Condon on the biology department faculty page

Marty Condon

A'amer Farooqi, Professor of Economics and Business, teaches the elective course International Economics. His teaching and research interests include environmental issues as they relate to economic growth in developing countries. Learn more about Professor Farooqi on the economics & business department faculty page

A'amer Farooqi

Glenn Freeman, Associate Professor of English, teaches American Nature Writers at the Wilderness Field Station in northern Minnesota. Learn more about Professor Freeman on the English department faculty page

Glenn Freeman

Ben Greenstein, Professor of Geology, teaches Marine Science, Invertebrate Paleontology, Modern and Ancient Carbonate Systems of the Bahamas, and other courses. He is currently engaged in a three-year comparative study of modern and Pleistocene reef coral community composition in coastal Western Australia. Learn more about Professor Greenstein on the geology department faculty page

Ben Greenstein

Alice Ganzel, Associate Professor of Psychology, researches adolescent decision making, and her most recent work explored how emotional states affect decision making among adolescents. Professor Ganzel teaches Fundamentals of Psychological Science; Research Methods; Child Psychology; Adolescent Psychology; and Adult Development. Learn more about Professor Ganzel on the psychology department faculty page.

Alice Ganzel

Leslie Kathleen Hankins,  Professor of English, teaches the elective course Modern American Literature: Encountering the Wilderness in Literature and the Visual Arts at the Wilderness Field Station in northern Minnesota. Learn more about Professor Hankins on the English department faculty page

Leslie Hankins

Hans HassellAssistant Professor of Politics, teaches courses in American Politics. His primary interests are campaigns and elections, political parties, and Congress. His research looks at the role of political parties in congressional primary elections, and explores how the actions of candidates, parties, and interest groups affect the decisions of citizens to become involved in the political process. Learn more about Professor Hassell on the politics department faculty page. 

Hans Hassell

Andy McCollum, Professor of Biology, teaches Animal Behavior, Entomology, Ecology, and Conservation Biology, and frequently takes classes to the Wilderness Field Station in northern Minnesota.  Learn more about Professor McCollum on the biology department faculty page

Andy McCollum

Brian Nowak-Thompson, Associate Professor of Biology and Chemistry, teaches introductory classes in chemistry and biology with an emphasis in Biochemistry. Students in his lab study the production of bacterial metabolites that inhibit plant pathogens. Learn more about Professor Nowak-Thompson on the biology department faculty page.

Brian Nowak-Thompson

Mary Olson, Professor of Sociology, teaches courses in sociology that include Contemporary Native Americans; Race and Ethnic Relations; Civil Rights and Western Racism; and Religion, Spirituality, and Community. Her courses contribute to the ethnic studies and women's studies programs, and her research on fishing rights in the Pacific Northwest contributes to the environmental studies program. Learn more about Professor Olson on the sociology and anthropology department faculty page

Mary Olson 

Craig Teague, Associate Professor of Chemistry, teaches Environmental Chemistry and Chemical Principles I & II. He conducts research with students to better understand the behavior of polyoxometalates, a class of materials that show potential for mitigating heavy metals and nuclear waste in the environment. Learn more about Professor Teague on the chemistry department faculty page

Craig Teague

Emily Walsh, Associate Professor of Geology, teaches the core courses Physical Geology and Investigations in Geology, as well as the field-based Geology of the National Parks. Her research focuses on the formation of mountain ranges and the mechanisms involved in subduction zones.Learn more about Professor Walsh on the geology department faculty page

Emily Walsh

Jim White, Professor of Philosophy, is interested in the theory of evolution and its philosophical implications, the philosophy of mind, the problem of free will, and the relationship between science, religion, and philosophy. He teaches courses that include Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Mind, Evolution and Philosophy, and Analytic Philosophy. Learn more about Professor White on the philosophy department faculty page

Jim White