You’re inspired by learning in all the many ways and places it occurs. You do your best when you are immersed in a subject, engaged and absorbed. You love a challenge, and you thrive on adventure. So why settle for a conventional approach to learning when it comes to your college education?

Cornell College takes a unique approach to the learning process. Sure, our majors and interdisciplinary programs are similar to those of other nationally respected colleges, and our faculty are highly qualified in all the traditional ways (97 percent hold the highest degree in their fields, for example).

But that’s where the traditional ends and the innovative begins. At Cornell, we think students learn best when they can immerse themselves in their subject, whether it’s building a 3-D fractal, exploring the contexts and formal elements of Shakespearian tragedy, or debating current Supreme Court cases. That’s why Cornell students take a single course at a time, an academic calendar referred to as the block plan.

The learning adventure continues outside the classroom with international travel, summer research opportunities, intense internship experiences through the Cornell Fellows Program, and a lot more. Other special academic opportunities include fully-staffed centers focused on health care, business and applied economics, and pre-law. And should you need some assistance along the way, we  offer a full range of academic support services, including our innovative Center for Teaching and Learning within Cole Library.