John Doershuk

State Archaeologist

Iowa State Archaeologist John Doershuk frequently works with Cornell students in the field, the classroom, and his research lab at the University of Iowa. Read more

Students explore 17 Chicago museums and related careers

Chicago was the perfect venue for Ellen Hoobler’s Museum Studies course during Block 4. Based at the McLennan Center, the class visited 17 museums while learning about the work that goes into creating spectacular exhibitions. Read More

Student compares historic sites in Greece and the Bahamas

Archaeology class inspired Clark to research around the world


Archaeology Program

Cornell offers a full major in archaeology through a interdisciplinary program involving several departments.  These include anthropology, geology and other sciences, languages, history, art history, and more.

Students in our program benefit from Cornell's small classes, liberal arts orientation, and One Course At A Time calendar.  This framework provides extensive opportunities for off-campus study, research, and individual mentorship as students explore possible paths in the diverse terrain of archaeological endeavors.