Linked courses study wildlife conservation in Costa Rica

To fully understand efforts to protect sea turtles and other tropical animals, it's useful to visit a place like Costa Rica and meet the people involved. It's even more helpful to be guided by experts in both the fields of biology and psychology/sociology, as a group of Cornell students were in 2011. Read More

Psychology students study romance at Adventureland

Marie unites athletics, academics through sports psychology

Sociology and psychology students study Japanese culture firsthand


Department of Psychology

Program overview

Major/minor: Psychology

Psychology is a diverse field with career options ranging from research and healthcare to social service and public policy, and we offer three different concentrations for our majors to choose from. Our students receive strong support for high-level research and internship experiences, and Cornell's block plan further extends these opportunities.

One Course At A Time

Cornell’s One Course At A Time schedule allows us to use class time flexibly to fit the subject rather than fitting the subject into rigid 50-minute class periods. Most class periods are a mixture of short lectures, film clips, demonstrations, and small group discussion, but the block plan makes other ways of using class time possible. In some class periods students may watch a feature length film and discuss the psychological principles shown in the film. In other class periods, students may use their psychological knowledge to train a virtual rat or to practice counseling skills they have learned in class.

One Course At A Time also makes it possible for classes to take full-day field trips. And the schedule is ideal for internships. Psychology students who complete an internship at Cornell can work full time on-site for a block or longer, and thus be more completely integrated with the activities of the agencies and the other staff members.