This. Is Your Block

It’s not our first time around the block

Our block attracts a colorful community of diverse, empathetic neighbors—students, faculty, staff, and alumni—who care about each other because we’re only as collectively strong as we are individually strong.

But “block” is more than an expression of Cornell’s vibrant campus life; it’s the innovative—some might say ingenious—foundation of every Cornellian’s education. Flexible, experiential—an academic calendar that transforms your learning experience. We’ve been living, learning, and teaching on the block plan, One Course At A Time, since 1978 when we left the traditional semester plan behind. (We haven’t missed it.)

Yeah, we’ve been doing what most would consider a new thing—investing our time and treasure—for over 40 years, and we’re pretty unique in the higher ed space.

One Course At A Time

Why did we choose to teach on the block, where you take only one course every three and a half weeks? It offers flexible and experiential learning that can’t be achieved on a traditional semester plan.

Ingenuity at Cornell

Cornell’s core curriculum provides funded experiential learning opportunities that prepare you for careers in the real world.

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