professor of music and director of choral music christopher nakielski

"Our music education curriculum at Cornell College offers students valuable hands-on experiences from conducting our major ensembles to many teaching opportunities in both of our Methods and Materials courses. In addition, students are offered two practicum experiences specific to music that offer them the opportunity to work alongside area professionals. And most importantly, music education students benefit from a heavy dose of individualized attention from a close-knit faculty and learn the value of a strong community."-Professor of Music and Director of Choral Music Christopher Nakielski

Combine your passions with a degree in music education. As a music education major, you'll immerse yourself in the world of music and all that it has to offer while learning how to educate the next generation of music aficionados. 

You'll study music, history, literature, and perform. By your sophomore year, you'll apply to Cornell's Teacher Education Program, and dive deep into the experiential learning opportunities Cornell offers its future educators—plenty of practicum time in classrooms working with real students. 

As a music education major, you'll be learning One Course At A Time, but in a truly interdisciplinary manner that only a liberal arts education can provide.