At Cole Library, we blend the roles of the traditional library and center for teaching and learning, creating extraordinary opportunities for the college and community we serve. Integrated into our services and housed within the library are the operations of the Center for Teaching and Learning—the Writing, Quantitative Reasoning, and Academic Technology Studios. In our unique role as the library for Cornell College and the public library for Mt. Vernon, we are a bustling nexus of activity for both the campus and the city. At any hour of the day and throughout much of the night, we are a place where great thinking and learning happens.  

Our energetic and innovative staff works hard to be a trusted partner for all whom we serve, connecting them with the wealth of resources and services available in pursuit of Cornell’s Educational Objectives. Across the campus and the curriculum, we cultivate and celebrate inquiry and scholarship, fostering relationships, providing information and resources, and developing the expertise of those around us. The Cole Library Center for Teaching and Learning offer instruction in and out of the classroom. Each member of our staff of professional and student workers is a problem solver, going the extra mile to ensure that our patrons find what they need. 

At every turn, we want you to expect more from Cole.