Kinesiology students and kinesiology professor

The Kinesiology Department offers opportunities for exciting internships in a broad range of fields and experiences including corporate fitness and wellness, physical therapy, athletic administration, and more. Cornell's One Course At A Time schedule makes it possible for students to fully engage in these experiences without scheduling conflicts.

Internship goals

The internship experience is intended to provide opportunities for senior students to apply skills and knowledge learned in related coursework in an off-campus and professional setting. It allows students to gain experience and exposure to a career in the fitness and wellness field, to gain observations and hands-on experience, and to interact with professionals in these areas. The exact goals and outcomes of each internship vary and depend on the goals of the professional agency and on the goals of the individual.

Internship procedures

If you are a current kinesiology student, refer to our kinesiology internship procedures for the steps to follow in developing your internship experience. Students seeking to complete an internship should begin selecting and designing your internship several weeks ahead of your desired starting date.


Cornell regulations require that Internship Proposals must be filed with the registrar before the first day of the internship. Final project, Intern Evaluation, and End of Internship Evaluation are due by noon on the Friday following the 18th day of the block.

Operation Walk

Since 2005, Cornell students from a range of majors have joined Operation Walk for block-long missions to countries such as El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Peru, and China to work alongside doctors as they perform free joint replacement surgeries. Operation Walk was founded and is led by Dr. Lawrence D. Dorr '63, one of the world's foremost experts in joint replacement surgeries.