Cornell students in the library

Grades K-6 Endorsements

Once you’re in the Teacher Education Program, you’ll begin completing coursework toward your endorsement(s).

  • K-6 endorsements include
    • K-6 Elementary Education
    • K-6 Art
    • K-6 English/Language arts
    • K-6 History
    • K-6 Mathematics
    • K-6 Music
    • K-6 Physical Education
    • K-6 Science

Grades 5-12 Endorsements

  • Social studies
  • English
  • Foreign language*
  • Science*
  • Math*
  • Health

Talk with your advisor about specific endorsement options.

*These are teacher shortage areas. 

Grades K-12 Endorsements

  • Physical education
  • Music
  • Art

Coaching Endorsement

K-12 athletic coach

Not sure which endorsement is right for you? That's OK. we can help explain your options.

Meet with faculty

Sitting in on an education course can be a great way to get a feel for our program and to see One Course At A Time in action. Meet our science and education faculty if you’re interested in teaching high school science. Or maybe you don’t know yet what subject you want to teach, just that you want to teach.

Talking with faculty can help clarify what you can expect. You can attend one of our upcoming Visit Days when we have many visiting students and their parents take a tour, visit a class, and meet with us. Or you can schedule an individual visit on a day that works best for your schedule.

Scholarships at Cornell

Cornell offers many different scholarships from fine arts to STEM to our King Scholarship and many others. In fact, 99% of students receive financial assistance. Most of our scholarships don’t even require you to fill out any paperwork. (You’re welcome.) All you have to do is apply and get accepted at Cornell.