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CLA 381: Daily Schedule and Readings

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The goddess Athena, Pan-Athenaic amphora

Please prepare the reading assignments in anticipation of class discussion.

PART I: Overview of Greek archaeology, art and architecture

Week 1

Monday: Introduction; the Interaction of Humans and the Environment in Greece

  • Introduction to the course and trip
  • Doing Archaeology in Greece
  • Human Ecology and the Classical Landscape
  • The archaeologist's task: regional survey
  • PM: video: Sphakia Survey (Jennifer Moody and Lucia Nixon)
  • Reading: Jack Davis, "Doing Archaeology in Classical Lands: Greece," in Classical Archaeology, ed. Alcock and Osborne; Lin Foxhall, Martin Jones, and Hamish Forbes, "Human Ecology and the Classical Landscape," in Classical Archaeology; Mee and Spawforth, pp. 8-10 (on reserve); K. Greene, "Discovery, Fieldwork, and Recording," Ch 2 in Archaeology, An Introduction; The Sphakia Survey: Internet Edition.

Tuesday: Bronze Age Greece

  • Neolithic and Bronze Age Greece
  • ancient trades and crafts
  • The Archaeologist's task: pottery shapes and fabrics, typology and chronology
  • PM: video "Pandora's Box: The Roles of Women in Ancient Greece" (Ellen Reeder) or "The Age of Heroes", from Michael Wood's In Search of the Trojan War
  • Reading: Sparkes, Chs 3 and 11 (on Moodle); Nick Cahill, The First Greeks: Minoan Art and Mycenean Art; Bruce Hartzler, slides of Minoan and Mycenean art;

Wednesday: The Rise of the Polis

  • Archaic and Classical Greece
  • civic/public life: tha agora, gymnasium, assembly, theater
  • The archaeologist's task: stratigraphy
  • geological formation of Greece
  • plate tectonics
  • PM: lab (Norton 303/308): rocks common in Greece
  • Reading: Mee and Spawforth, pp. 1-8, 10-12, 25-28, 34-36 (on reserve); Sparkes, Chs 4 and 7 (on Moodle); Kevin Greene, "Excavation"

Thursday: Greek Kings and Roman Emperors

  • Hellenistic and Roman Greece
  • Greek religion
  • the archaeologist's task: architecture
  • PM: video: "Secrets of the Parthenon" (NOVA)
  • Reading: Mee and Spawforth, pp. 13-17, 28-34; Sparkes, Ch 5; Mikalson, Ch 1; K. Greene, "Dating the Past".

Part II: Trip to Greece

Friday: Travel Day

  • Departure for Greece from Mount Vernon (1:30 p.m.);
    arriving Athens (6:10 p.m. Saturday)
  • Quiz on flight to Greece

Sunday: The Athenian Acropolis, The Athenian Agora

  • Propylaia, Parthenon, Erechtheum,
  • Reading: Mee and Spawforth 46-65
  • The Athenian Agora through the centuries; the Roman Agora
  • Reading: Mee and Spawforth 65-76, 79-84; 36-42


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