The are four main sources of policies that affect residential students. Students living in the residence halls are expected to know and abide by all of these policies. The College has the authority to periodically update and revise policies. Students will be informed of all changes via College e-mail.

The student housing agreement

The student housing agreement is the lease agreement that all residents must sign during the room selection process. It contains the logistics of the housing assignment (like the enrollment deposit, dates of occupancy, and subleasing). You can read the student housing agreement for complete details.

Housing and board policies

The housing and board policies provide expectations on room designations (including the College's process for handling partially empty rooms), the procedure for room changes, and the meal plan and residency requirements.  You can read the housing and board policies for complete details.

Residence hall policies

The residence hall policies provide expectations for all students while in the residence halls.  These include things like guest policies, cooking appliances, noise, and refrigerators.  You can read the residence hall policies for complete details.

The Compass

The Compass is Cornell College's student policy handbook. Among other things, The Compass outlines academic policies, financial policies, and general student policies.  Policies in The Compass apply to all students (residential students, commuters, and off-campus students).  You can read The Compass for complete details.