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Paul Gray, Professor of Philosophy, is particularly interested in the history of philosophy, moral and political philosophy, utopian philosophy, philosophy in literature, and Existentialism. His courses include Utopia, Marx and Marxism, Philosophy in Literature, and a series of courses on modern and postmodern philosophy. Ph. D., The Ohio State University; B.A., Youngstown State University

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Genevieve Migely, Associate Professor of Philosophy, does work in the history of philosophy (both ancient and early modern), the philosophy of feminism, and the philosophy of law. Her courses include Asian Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy, Modern Philosophy: Seventeenth Century, Philosophy of Feminism, and Philosophy of Law. Ph.D. and M.A., Claremont Graduate University; B.A., Northwestern University

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Jim White, Professor of Philosophy, is interested in the theory of evolution and its philosophical implications, the philosophy of mind, the problem of free will, and the relationship between science, religion, and philosophy. He teaches courses that include Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Mind, Evolution and Philosophy, and Analytic Philosophy. Ph.D. and B.A., University of Virginia

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Jim White

Katherine Biederman, ACM/Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow, does research in moral theory (particularly theories of/conditions for moral responsibility), epistemology, and metaethics. Her courses include Applied Topics in Ethics (with a focus on war), Ethics, and Advanced Ethical Theory. Ph.D. and M.A., Loyola University Chicago; B.A., Providence College