1098-T Forms for Cornell College were processed by ECSI for calendar year 2013.  If you signed up for an electronic 1098-T form, an email was sent out the week of January 27 with instructions on how to access the form. If you did not sign up for an electronic form, your 1098-T form was mailed to the permanent address on record the week of January 27. 

1098-T Forms can be printed from ECSI's website: http://www.ecsi.net/taxinfo.html

Follow these steps to print the 1098-T form: 

  1. SELECT - Click here to retrieve your login credentials.
  2. Enter requested information including last four digits of your social security number and your HOME zip code.
  3. Your login information will pop up.  Write down the school code - 21 - and your password.
  4. SELECT - Tax Information
  5. SELECT - View
  6. Print 

If you have questions concerning the form, please refer to ECSI’s link to Student Tax Information:  http://www.ecsi.net/taxinfo.html or call ECSI at 1-866-428-1098.   

You can also print copies of 1098-T forms from prior years from this site.