All students pursuing a bachelor of arts or bachelor of music degree from Cornell must fulfill the following general education requirements, in addition to the coursework required in a major field of study. Please refer to the academic catalogue for more information about general education requirements and degree requirements.  Cornell's general education requirements DO NOT need to be fulfilled prior to enrolling as a transfer student. 

First-year Seminar

  • First-year seminar course typically only applies to transfer students who bring in fewer than seven Cornell course credits.

First- year Writing Course

Fine Arts Activities (1 course)                    

Foreign Language 103 (1-3 courses)

  • Placement exam required to determine level

Humanities (2 courses)                 

Math Or Statistics (1 course)                      

Science (1 course)                          

Social Science (1 course)

Interdisciplinary Thinking

  • An interdisciplinary experience satisfied by completing one of the following:
    • One course marked as interdisciplinary
    • An interdisciplinary experience created by two designated linked courses
    • An interdisciplinary experience created by two courses that explore a problem from two different disciplinary perspectives.