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The Health Professions Committee (HPC) will review your grad or professional school application and provide detailed feedback to improve your application materials. The HPC may write you a committee letter of recommendation if appropriate for your application. Those of you applying to medical school are expected to use the HPC. If you are applying to another program in healthcare, or even in graduate programs related to healthcare (such as PhD biomedical sciences programs), you are still encouraged to use the HPC. This service is available both to current students and alumni.

Many programs operate on rolling admissions, which means it is imperative that you get your application in as early as possible. Work with the Associate Director of Dimensions during the spring semester to complete your relevant application materials. In order to get your application reviewed by the HPC, you must have your application materials ready and sent to to the Associate Director of Dimensions by July 1. The deadline may be extended for programs other than medicine.