Cornell students gathered

Right here, right now

Cornell’s One Course At A Time schedule facilitates strong learning communities and allows professors to approach the material from multiple perspectives and incorporate experiential learning opportunities into their curriculum.

“The block plan allows us to approach issues of cultural diversity, race, gender, and class inequality, and social justice in a focused, in-depth manner. It offers plenty of time for intense discussion, individual research, guest speakers, and attendance at college events.”-Professor Mary B. Olson

In the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, faculty, current students, and alumni come together for special events throughout the year. One recent gathering led to a research project where students applied theoretical knowledge in a practical way.

In our classes, guest speakers and alumni are regularly invited by faculty to speak, so you can hear directly from experts. Recent guest speakers included:

  • Robin Marty, author, and reproductive justice activist
  • Dolores Huerta, grassroots labor and civil rights activist
  • Liz Bennett, Iowa State Representative
  • Daniel Caropreso, U.S. Probation and Pretrial Services Officer for the Southern District of Iowa

Dive deeply

Not bound by the limitations of a traditional classroom or schedule