Released: Dec. 7, 2021

In order to be compliant with a pending federal requirement that employers with more than 100 employees collect proof of vaccination—or require weekly testing and masking—Cornell College is asking vaccinated employees to provide proof of vaccination by Dec. 17, 2021. By being proactive Cornell expects to meet the short timeline to be in compliance should the mandate survive legal scrutiny.

Do I need to wait to get a booster to submit my vaccination card? No, please submit your card with your current course of vaccinations.

Do you want me to resubmit my vaccination card when/if I get a booster shot? No, but we encourage you to get your booster shot(s).

What is considered a copy of my card? You can take a photo or scan your card at a college copy machine and upload the pdf.

Where do I upload the copy of my vaccination card? Use our secure upload link. Be sure to select the purple "upload" button to complete the file transfer.

Screenshot of file upload.

Can I leave work to get vaccinated without using vacation time? Yes.

Who is considered an employee of the college under this new requirement? All faculty, staff, and students who are employees of Cornell College (i.e. receive a paycheck from the college) with a physical presence on campus are considered employees. Remote staff who do not report to a workplace where other individuals such as coworkers or students are present do not fall under this requirement. If remote employees occasionally come to campus it is recommended that they upload a copy of their vaccination card since this requirement would apply to weeks that they are on campus.

We are currently working with our legal representatives to determine whether contracted employees are included in this mandate and will update the FAQ when that is clarified.

Will non-vaccinated employees need to cover the cost of testing? Yes, the employee would need to cover the cost of the testing. The OSHA ETS does not require the employer to cover the cost or provide on-site testing.

Will the college provide time off for non-vaccinated employees to test? Will it be paid time off? The college is still awaiting guidance on whether the testing time needs to be compensable. The Department of Labor has indicated that they will provide additional guidance on this.

Additional FAQ can be found on the Department of Labor’s FAQ page.