Updated May 5, 2022

Campus Health Protocols for Summer Break 2022

Over the summer break, beginning May 6, 2022, campus will observe a mask friendly policy unless CDC assessment of risks in our area change significantly, at which point the guidance on this page will be updated and current campus residents will be notified.

Our COVID-19 task force will monitor the pandemic conditions over the summer and reconvene to set protocols for the 2022-23 Academic Year in early August and communicate those with the campus community by approximately August 8, 2022.

The following protocols apply to all summer program students, campus visitors, student researchers, staff and faculty in residence on campus.

Mitigation Measures

Masking: As a mask friendly campus, mask-wearing is accepted in all situations without question, and as a community we strive to accommodate the requests of others for each of us to also mask in meetings, offices, and at close-quarter events. All community members are expected to keep a mask with them to wear when requested by others. The CDC offers a tool to help find free masks in your area.

Sample of face coverings signMasks are not required in any buildings on campus. Faculty and staff retain the ability to require masks in their offices, classrooms, and laboratories at their discretion, and all such requirements will be communicated through course syllabi, signage, or both.

Service providers on campus such as IT staff, Facilities Services staff, and athletic trainers can require that service recipients mask while in the same space with you.

Signage is available to communicate your masking policy for your office, room, or classroom. You can print your own or stop by the Mail and Service Center for a pre-printed sign.

Hand sanitizer: Like masks, clean hands also aid in infection control for all illnesses. Therefore, hand sanitizer stations remain in place at all entrances, and everyone is encouraged to wash hands and/or use hand sanitizer regularly. 

Facilities and Custodial: Facilties has ensured that every classroom has a level of air exchange (~2.5 - 3.0 ACH via air handler or box fan filters) that will reduce the estimated risk of COVID-19 transmission as long as masks are worn. Contact Craig Teague (cteague@cornellcollege.edu) if your classroom box fan assembly needs to be repaired or replaced. Facilities continues to maximize external air exchange rates throughout all other areas of the campus. Custodial services have returned to pre-pandemic schedules with recommended cleaning and disinfecting products. Employees and students also have access to cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer in all buildings with instructional space.

Vaccines: We continue to encourage vaccination as the best protection against COVID-19. CDC guidance on vaccination.


Student Health testing for COVID-19 will be unavailable when the student health center is closed for the summer. (May 6, 2022 - thru August 23, 2022.) As we have no current testing protocol, we will not be updating our COVID-19 dashboard after May 3, 2022.

The CDC offers guidance on when to self-test, where to get at-home tests, and how to properly administer them and interpret your results.

If you don’t feel comfortable with a self-test or are concerned your results are inaccurate, you can also request testing from your healthcare provider, an urgent care clinic, or a local retail pharmacy.