Cornell's residence halls are more than places to sleep, and so there are a lot of opportunities to get involved. From social events to paid employment, you're sure to find something that interests you.

Social opportunities

Resident assistants (RAs) offer a variety of programs and activities for students to meet and interact. Some of these are informal "skill-based" sessions (like how to do laundry or how to register for classes). Others involve our campus partners, like encouraging residents to attend a Performing Arts & Activities Council event, getting residents to participate in the Intramural program or giving back to the community as residents participate in one of our many service programs. Residence Life also offers the "NOW Series", showcasing student, faculty and staff talents while also highlighting the recently renovated spaces in our first-year halls; learn more about the NOW Series.

Volunteer opportunities

If you're interested in joining organizations that plan programs and activities for the residence halls, that create policies, or that will help you gain experience with public speaking, budget management, or running a meeting, then we encourage you to look at what Residence Life offers.

Care 4 Cornell
Care 4 Cornell is a campus-wide initiative involving students and community members to beautify campus. Volunteer opportunities are available for all ability levels and schedules. Learn more about Care 4 Cornell.

Overnight Host for Prospective Students
Interested in hosting a prospective student overnight in your residence hall room? This is a great opportunity for a prospective student to check out Cornell's culture and to meet a variety of current students. A typical visit will begin early evening and then the student's schedule typically resumes early the next morning. Overnight hosts receive an incentive for their time. Please complete the Admission overnight host form if you are interested.

Employment opportunities

Our resident assistants provide critical role-modeling and student assistance. These paid staff positions require serious commitment, but offer tremendous rewards for those ready to further develop as leaders. Learn more about the resident assistant application process.

Political activism

As an aspect of Cornell's civic engagement program, students are encouraged to learn about political systems (among other things) as a means to effect social change. Though Cornell College does not endorse any candidate seeking elected office or any political party, the college does support critical thinking and analysis of political candidates and how to become civically engaged in the American democratic process. In order to acknowledge that the residence halls can be a place for meaningful discussion about politics but yet are also students' homes, we provide the following reminders and expectations:

  • Flyers: Flyers may be hung in the residence halls provided they are done so in a manner consistent with the Residence Life posting policy. It is important to note that flyers must advertise specific events. Flyers cannot simply state "Vote for Candidate X." However, flyers that advertise an event or that give dates, times or instructions to vote that also endorse a candidate are appropriate.
  • Door-to-door solicitation: Consistent with the College policies, going door-to-door in the residence halls is not permitted without permission. Learn more about the Residence Life solicitation policy.
  • Proof of residency: Some students interested in taking part in elections choose to follow the absentee ballot process and vote as a resident of their home city or state. Others choose to consider themselves Mount Vernon residents and vote locally. Students living on campus who need proof of residency should come to the Office of Residence Life; allow at least one business day for our office to create the letter.