Block Plan Rhythm

You've got time on the block plan

With the rhythm of the block plan schedule, the only limit to what you’ll be able to do will be your curiosity. You can study off campus for 18 days, pursue an internship for 18 days, conduct research for 18 days, and still have time to be an athlete, a performer, a volunteer, or all of the above—and you will still graduate within four years by taking One Course At A Time.

1 Course X 18 Days X 8 Blocks

The territory we cover is the same as on a semester system. But the path we cover is an entirely different journey.

Kick back and take a breakCornell students take a break over the block break by the firepit on campus

The chance to take a break is built into One Course At A Time. After every 18-day block, you’ll enjoy four days, or more if it’s Winter Break or Spring Break, with no class responsibilities. Travel to see family or visit home with one of your new friends. You can also participate in Get Outta Town off-campus programming. You can take part in exciting events such as state park trips, mini-golf, and museum outings. Or if you want to simply read a book or catch up on your sleep, you can do that, too. Once you’re refreshed, it’s time to start your next 18-day block.

“In just over two years at Cornell, I was on track to graduate with majors in philosophy, sociology, and religion.”

Nicola Etter ՚19

Cornell students at Commencement (graduation) featuring one student wearing a mortarboard that says, "Cheers to 4 years"

Graduate in 4 years

All that in four years? Yes. 96% of the graduating Class of 2021 completed their degrees in four years. Studying One Course At A Time allows you to pursue your passions with time built in to explore outside the classroom and have the confidence that you will finish your degree on time. Knowing that you can graduate in four years means you can plan ahead for your transition to your next goal—whether it’s graduate school, a service career, starting your own business, or contributing in the workplace.