Are you interested in a profession that is constantly changing? Do you want to work in a learning environment? If so, then librarianship might be a career for you!

Internship (INT 280/380): To learn about the philosophical underpinnings of librarianship and to be involved in the day-to-day operations of an academic library, you can register for an internship with the librarian faculty.

Past internships in Cole Library

Monica Wieskamp ('08)

Supervised by Greg Cotton, Librarian for the Visual Arts

Monica Wieskamp ('08) completed an internship at Cole Library during February 2007 under the supervision of Greg Cotton. Monica focused on the different challenges that new librarians face as they enter the library profession, including changing technology, alliterate students, and the difficulties that come with being the “new kid on the block.” Besides readings, Monica interviewed six librarians from local academic libraries, attended a teleconference on Next Generation Librarians, and traveled with Greg to the OCLC Member’s Council meeting in Quebec City, Quebec. Throughout this experience, Monica kept a journal of her thoughts and reactions to all she read and saw during her internship. After Cornell graduation, Monica plans to enter library school at the University of Iowa.

Amanda Langdon ('07)

Supervised by Jean Donham, College Librarian

Amanda Langdon's (07) internship focused on Special Collections, and so time spent at the special Collections Department at the University of Iowa Library was a highlight. There, Amanda was able to see the range of materials held in special collections, from Cook Books to Miniature Books. Perhaps the most exciting was looking at hand crafted volumes, including jeweled books. Amanda also visited the Center for the Book to see the opportunities that exist for learning the art of book-making. Amanda also visited the Czech Slovak Museum Library in Cedar Rapids to learn about a special collection associated with a museum. Amanda began the Master's program at the School of Library and Information Science at the University of Iowa in Fall 2008, at the Center for the Book. She wants to focus on Special Collections and the Center for the Book which dovetail nicely with her background in Classical and Medieval Studies.

Keri Weston ('04)

Cornell graduate Keri Weston ('04) did an independent study in the library during her third year. About her experience, Keri said, "Although I have worked in libraries in the past, I learned much more about the philosophy and even more behind the scenes information than I knew before." Keri received a Master's degree in Library and Information Science at the University of South Carolina. She worked for 3.5 years as a youth services librarian in Colorado before returning to Iowa as directory of the Carlisle Public Library in Carlisle, IA.

Becky Canovan ('06)

Supervised by Greg Cotton, Librarian for the Visual Arts

To complete her Cornell studies and as a prelude to commencing her graduate program in the School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Becky Canovan (’06) interned with Greg Cotton. Becky’s focus was on the work of academic libraries and librarians. She read widely in the field, shadowed Cornell librarians, interviewed five eastern Iowa academic librarians, and completed projects at Cole Library. Becky and Greg traveled to Columbus, Ohio, to participate in a meeting of OCLC’s Members Council, an advisory body of 65 librarians representing over 50,000 libraries throughout the world. Becky kept a journal of her experiences and readings and led Cornell librarians in a spirited discussion of issues facing academic libraries.  She is now the Reference and Instruction Librarian at the University of Dubuque.

Kelly Jensen (Bartolotta) ('07)

Supervised by Mary Iber, Librarian for the Natural Sciences

Kelly Bartolotta (’07) completed her internship during her third year. She completed her Master's degree program in LIS at University of Texas-Austin in December 2008 and has since returned to the midwest. Combining her interests in journalism (Co-editor of the Cornellian 06-07) and her interests in both teen and archival librarianship, Kelly created a blog, Between the Stacks, during her internship about her investigations into banned and challenged books, young adult book selections, archive projects, and interviews with librarians. Kelly continues to blog and now helps to maintain a reader's advisory blog, Stacked, and a blog on her work as an adult/teen services librarian at Beloit Public Library in Wisconsin, Field Acquisitions.  Kelly also works as a reader for a teen imprint, providing feedback on manuscripts submitted to the publisher.

Danielle Ziegler ('07)

Supervised by Mandy Swygart-Hobaugh, Librarian for Social Sciences

Danielle Ziegler (’07) completed an internship during her third year, supervised by Mandy Swygart-Hobaugh. She began her Master's degree program in LIS at University of Wisconsin-Madison in Fall 2007. The internship engaged her in various responsibilities of an academic librarian, including hands-on projects in library instruction, collection development, archives, and serials. Danielle visited two area archives sites to explore the responsibilities of an archivist in different settings. She also visited with the University of Iowa Coordinator of Instructional Services, comparing information literacy programs at small colleges and large universities. Additionally, Danielle attended the Iowa Association of College and Research Libraries (ILA/ACRL) conference.

Alyssa Naley ('07)

Supervised by Elizabeth Schau, Librarian for the Humanities and Performing Arts

Alyssa Naley (’07) completed an internship during her third year, supervised by Elizabeth Schau. She began her Master's degree program in LIS at University of Texas-Austin in Fall 2007. A Classics major, Alyssa expressed an interest in academic librarianship and archives. Her internship involved a block-long archives project, readings in archives management and academic librarianship, and small projects in reference and collection development. Alyssa interviewed two archivists and one special librarian to gain a deeper professional understanding of the different areas. Alyssa kept track of her projects, readings, and interviews using a journal in Moodle. She also attended Iowa Association of College and Research Libraries (ILA/ACRL) conference in Iowa City.

Maegan Coffin ('04)

Supervised by Jean Donham, College Librarian 

Meagan Coffin (04) completed one of the first internships after expressing an interest in either school librarianship or children's services in public libraries. To respond to both areas of interest, Meagan visited school and public libraries, and she also interviewed Paula Brandt, Director of the Curriculum Laboratory at the University of Iowa. Meagan's internship focused on children's literature and she reviewed recently published picture books  and learned to use a number of selection tools focused on children's resources. Meagan also attended a public library board of trustees meeting to see how policy is made in public libraries. Meagan is now a first-grade teacher as well as a student in the School of Library and Informaton Science at The University of Wisconsin-Madison where she is focusing on school librarianship.

Library Work-Study

Working in Cole Library is another way to get day-to-day experience in a library. Cole Library employs students in Circulation, Technical Services, Serials, Interlibrary Loan, AV and Archives. For more information, email Andrea Dusenberry

Cornell graudate Roxy Westcot Running ('06) worked as a work-study student in Cole Library.  She began working as a Part-time Reference Librarian in 2008, and she completed her Master's in Library Science at the University of Iowa in Spring 2010.  Roxy is now working as the Serials and ILL Assistant here at Cole Library!

Cornell graduate Sarah Sander Slack ('05) worked for four years as a work-study student in Cole Library. She completed her Master's in Library Science at the University of Iowa.

Cornell graduate Kim Smith worked as a work-study student at Cole Library in Technical Services. Kim has completed a graduate degree in Library & Information Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and now works at the Monteray (California) Public Library.

Other Cornell graduates pursuing degrees in Library and Information Science

  • Anna Walter ('05), at Indiana University

Graduate school in library and information science: For information about graduate studies in library and information science, visit the American Library Association's site, where all of the ALA-accredited programs in the U.S. and Canada are listed with a link to each program's webpage. Also check out the ALA Scholarship Program site for information about the various awards/scholarships offered.

Librarianship as a career

Visit with a librarian

At Cornell we have four full-time consulting librarians, each of whom has come to librarianship from a different path. Stop in and visit with us about why we chose librarianship for a profession!