Students work together in a class

Talent management is increasingly important to businesses large and small. Studies repeatedly show that the cost to hire and train new employees can be a drain on a company’s finances so businesses around the world are working to improve employee retention and satisfaction. As a personnel management major you can be on the forefront of ongoing research. You can use the skills you learn to help an organization revamp their current practices and improve their culture, or you can take on the development of the ideal talent structure in multiple business environments. You may choose to join a company right away, or extend your education into graduate studies.

Personnel management majors become specialists in understanding how the people within an organization affect the business process. As a student of talent management, you will step into a field where you can be on the forefront of ongoing research. 

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), average starting salary for personnel management and human resources majors in 2016 was $52,313.

Benefits of One Course At A Time

Cornell’s distinctive One Course At A Time curriculum creates unique opportunities that are outside the reach of most undergraduates at other colleges. You will focus on one course, and have no competing academic obligations, so you can spend many hours, or possibly the entire day, interacting with distinguished visitors. The department regularly hosts business executives, best-selling authors, and policy experts in the classroom. 

Off-campus studies

Block-long, off-campus study opportunities are offered in Argentina, Chicago, Shanghai, and Dallas. You'll get the chance to talk to business leaders, and discuss real problems, which will help you build bridges between what you learned in class and what you observe in the business world. You will learn through firsthand experience, whether on the trading floor in Chicago's financial district or on the floor of factories in emerging global markets.

Internships and fellowships

Internships are an integral part of your coursework. Working in consultation with a faculty advisor, you may be eligible to receive academic credit for an internship. The Berry Career Institute support management majors through internships, leadership development, and other opportunities.