Cornell student studying in library

Business management will prepare you to be a generalist, ready to thrive in any corporate training program. You will understand how the business is impacted by economics, finance, analytics, and human factors so that you will be prepared to work closely with colleagues across your organization to make effective business decisions.

With this major you will explore multiple career directions through exploratory coursework, job shadowing, and internship opportunities that will help you determine where your primary interests lie. This may lead you directly into a career in industry or small business, or you may choose to continue your studies in graduate school and get your M.B.A.

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), average starting salary for management majors in 2016 was $54,019.

Benefits of One Course At A Time

Cornell's distinctive One Course At A Time curriculum creates unique opportunities that are outside the reach of most undergraduates at other colleges. You will focus on one course, and have no competing academic obligations, spending many hours, or possibly the entire day, interacting with distinguished visitors. The department regularly hosts business executives, best-selling authors, and policy experts in the classroom. 

Off-campus studies

Block-long, off-campus study opportunities are offered in Argentina, Chicago, Shanghai, and Dallas. You'll get the chance to talk to business leaders, and discuss real problems, which will help you build bridges between what you learned in class and what you observe in the business world. You will learn through firsthand experience, whether on the trading floor in Chicago's financial district or on the floor of factories in emerging global markets.

Internships and fellowships

Internships are an integral part of your coursework. Working in consultation with a faculty advisor, you may be eligible to receive academic credit for an internship. The Berry Career Institute support management majors through internships, leadership development, and other opportunities.