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Scriba Software
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Scriba 1.0: Software to accompany the
Oxford Latin Course
, Part I

Scriba is computer courseware designed to enhance use of the Oxford Latin Course, Part I, 1st edition. It runs on IBM-compatible computers only. Scriba includes most exercises and vocabulary in the OLC. In some cases, the exercises replicate those in the textbook, but often they expand on those in the text to let students work through a series of exercises that build in difficulty and complexity. Just as in the OLC, each chapter culminates with a reading or writing exercise of extended prose.

On-line exercises are available for the second edition of the OLC. A list of them are available on the Cornell College Latin links page.


  • Scriba is easy to use. Students who have tested it at both the high school and college level have had no trouble learning how to run Scriba.
  • Students can work at their own pace.
  • Students receive immediate feedback and learn the correct answer right away.
  • The program anticipates certain common mistakes and provides students with hints that will lead to the correct answer.
  • Tutorial screens on morphology, syntax, and even some points of English grammar have been designed for each chapter.
  • Students are guided on a step-by-step process that helps them learn faster and more effectively.
  • Realistic contexts help students learn to read and write Latin using the clues embedded within sentences and paragraphs.
  • An index invites students of other textbooks to use it to review grammar and vocabulary and to test reading comprehension.
  • The program saves the teacher time, both in and out of class, since the computer corrects each student's work.
  • Scriba can be loaded onto a local network.

Minimum Hardware and Software Requirements

  • An IBM PC, PS/2 computer or true compatible with at least 256K RAM (random access memory); 512K RAM recommended.
  • monochrome or color monitor.
  • PC-DOS/MS-DOS 2.0 or higher is required; PC-DOS 3.0 recommended.
  • CALIS, version 2.5 (included with Scriba).

Questions and Order Information

Direct to:
John Gruber-Miller, Scriba Software, Classical and Modern Languages, Cornell College, 600 First Street West, Mt. Vernon, IA 52314-1098; Fax: 319-895-4492; Internet:
Scriba on diskette is available at cost ($5.00) by writing to the address above or is available free via anonymous ftp at in the Scriba archive.

More Information

Scriba has been reviewed in the New England Classical Newsletter and Journal, 23.1 (August 1995)

Here's more information about learning languages with Scriba.

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