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Greek Archaeology

The Spartan general Leonidas, who led the Spartans at the Battle of Thermopylae (Sparta Museum)

Topics that are claimed are followed by the student's name.

If you would like to explore a topic not listed, be in touch with Prof. Gruber-Miller

Geological Topics

--the mining of silver (and other minerals) at Lavrion (geology, techniques, uses, etc.) Ellen Shank

--the Gulf of Corinth and the Canal (geology, but also the history of the canal, techniques for construction)

--climatic differences in different parts of Greece (Sparta vs. ...)

--Crete--Mt. Dikte's caves Phil Kurz

--earthquakes: some of these sites have been destroyed by immense earthquakes--could discuss how the ancients built to withstand earthquakes, too (focus on Bassae and Olympia) Andrew Wilson

Archaeological Topics

Minoan (2000-1400 BCE)
Minoan palaces (political, religious, and economic centers): Phaistos
Minoan burials (grave goods, beliefs about the afterlife, demographics: Archanes Phourni and Armeni) Rachael Maxon
Minoan villas (regional centers of power?): Agia Triada
Kommos, harbor of Phaistos
Minoan religion (peak sanctuaries, caves, and "domestic" shrines)

Mycenean (1600-1100 BCE)
Mycenean fortified palaces:
Mycenean monumental graves/beehive tombs: Mycenae

Geometric and Archaic (800-500 BCE)
art: Sparta
archaic statues (kouroi/korai) from the Athenian Acropolis Maggie Ryan
gift-exchange and the ancient economy: dedications at Olympia

Classical (500-323 BCE)
  • art: pedimental sculptures (and metopes) of the Temple of Zeus at Olympia
  • temples (choose one):
    Apollo at Corinth
    temples of Hera and Zeus at Olympia
    temples by Iktinos: Apollo Epicurius at Bassae
    two temples by the same architect: Hephaisteion in Athens, Poseidon at Sounion

    Ionic temples on the Athenian Acropolis:
    Athena Nike (including relief sculpture)
  • round buildings: tholoi at Delphi, Epidauros, Philippeum at Olympia
  • religious buildings in the Athenian agora
  • civic/political life in the Athenian agora:
  • stoas (colonnades) in the Athenian agora Cameron Clark
  • theater: Athens, Epidauros, Megalopolis, Delphi, Thorikos
  • athletics (stadia, victor's monuments, treasuries, administrative bldgs): Olympia
    or Delphi Hattie Wagner
  • cult centers (choose one):
    Asclepius at Epidauros and ancient medicine Aaron Mitchell
    oracle of Apollo at Delphi (focus on the temple of Apollo, its altar, and the process of asking the oracle) Phil Gallagher
    The mystery cult of Demeter at Eleusis
  • burials: Kerameikos (Athens)
  • mining: Thorikos/Laurion
  • battlefield: Plataea Liz Kaplan

Hellenistic (323-30 B.C.)
temples: Zeus Olympios at Athens

monuments to Philip and Alexander's family at Olympia and Delphi John Wolfe

Roman (200 B.C.-A.D. 330)
forum: Corinth, Athens
Greek and Roman baths: Olympia, Delphi, Isthmia, and Argos Julia Morrison
town: Gortyn (Crete) Cate LiaBraaten

Early Christian and Byzantine (A.D. 330-1453)
Mistra (late Byzantine town and palace near Sparta) Lindsay Otten
Osios Loukas (two middle Byzantine churches) Beau Waterman
Daphne (early Byzantine church near Athens)

Venetian and Frankish (A.D. 1204-1430)

Turkish (A.D. 1453-1830)
Ottoman monuments in Athens

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