decorative image that says 4-Year Graduation Guarantee

At Cornell College, if you stick with the plan you and your advisor map out together, you can graduate in four years* and in some cases, in three. The math is simple. Block by block, One Course At A Time. Eight blocks per year. Or maybe you do nine blocks per year. Or maybe you do 10 blocks one year and eight the following year. 

However you and your academic advisor customize your graduation track (because you need to take a block off due to a family illness or because you want to tack on a block to speed ahead), it will lead to the same place—graduating in four years or less because when you study on the block plan, your calendar year has built-in flexibility. 

We’ve been teaching on the block plan for over 40 years and we know how to get you from Block 1 of your first-year to Commencement three to four years later. Even when the unexpected disrupts life. 

Graduating in four years or less means you will pay less for your degree than those who are taking five or six years. It means you’ll be out in the world earning a salary sooner. Or if you have your sights set on graduate school, you won’t be adding additional years towards earning your bachelor’s degree when you could be working on your master’s or doctorate. 

That’s our 4-Year Graduation Guarantee.

*Applicable only to our B.A. Learn more details about our 4-Year Guarantee.