Deadlines for institutional endorsement

National fellowships that require an institutional endorsement have a multi-stage application process.

Students interested in applying for a fellowship that requires an institutional endorsement must meet the initial Cornell campus deadline. Some of these deadlines are very early in the academic year. Please plan accordingly!

Why institutional endorsements exist

For some fellowships, the college is allowed to endorse only a specified number of applicants who will then compete at the national level. In this instance, the endorsement process helps narrow the pool of applicants.

Other fellowships require the Director of Fellowships and Scholarships to write a detailed endorsement on your behalf. In this instance, the endorsement process allows the Director to craft and direct the best possible letter for your application.

Securing the institutional endorsement may mean completing a set series of meetings with the Director, undergoing an interview process, and/or other steps specific to the scholarship.

If you are interested in applying for an award with an institutional deadline, it is imperative that you meet with Laura Farmer, Director of Fellowships and Scholarships, early in the process. 

Below are the campus deadlines for national fellowships requiring an institutional endorsement:

Mitchell Scholarship — First Monday of Block 2 

Marshall Scholarship — First Monday of Block 2 

Rhodes Scholarship — First Monday of Block 2 

Fulbright — First Monday of Block 2. Interviews take place during the first week of Block 2 

Goldwater Scholarship — First Monday of Block 3

Truman Scholarship — Second Monday of Block 3