Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies Core Courses

WST 171. Introduction to Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies
Explores analytical frameworks for the study of gender-defining institutions, focusing on women in society. The course emphasizes approaches and methods that recognize the diversity and similarity of women's experiences across class, racial, and ethnic groups. A. THOMAS

WST 271. Feminist Theories
Examination of a variety of theories about feminism, the nature of gender, and its relationship to biological sex, and women's and men's roles in society. Theoretical perspectives that posit reasons for the existence of privilege, oppression and various ``isms'' (e.g., sexism, heterosexism, and racism) will be examined as well as goals and strategies for social change associated with these diverse perspectives. (Students may substitute Philosophy of Feminism (PHI 352) in place of WST 271.) Prerequisite: WST 171 or any course approved for Women's Studies major credit. A. THOMAS

PHI 352. Philosophy of Feminism
Exploration of philosophical theories on the nature of women, feminist critiques of Western philosophy, and current issues in feminist ethics, epistemology, and metaphysics with application to social debates such as pornography, body image, and discrimination. (Students may substitute Feminist Theories (WST 271) in place of PHI 352.) Prerequisite: sophomore standing. Alternate years. MIGELY

WST 411. Seminar in Women's Studies
In-depth examination of the relationship between feminist theories and women's studies research. Topics include feminist epistemology, recent theoretical developments in women's studies, and their relationship to conducting research. Developing a thesis or practicum proposal in consultation with the instructor and an additional faculty advisor, project to be completed in the WST 487 Project term. Prerequisites: WST 171 and at least two additional courses that count toward a major in Women's Studies. Alternate years. A. THOMAS

WST 487. Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies Project
A substantial culminating project for the Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies major, developed in WST 411 and completed usually in the senior year. Consists of an original research/criticism paper, a creative writing/performance/exhibition, or a practicum, and a public presentation and defense. Prerequisite: WST 411.