Sense of place

A Sense of Place

Cornell College's mix of historic buildings and modern classrooms and living options gives you the best of both worlds. Find out what makes Cornell not just beautiful, but home.


Immerse Yourself

When you take One Course At A Time, you can delve deeply into the subjects you're passionate about. Our distinctive schedule makes it easy to complete an internship, study off campus or just immerse yourself in your favorite subjects.

Campus Life

Get Involved

Organizations, clubs, intramurals and athletic teams mean there are hundreds of ways to get involved. Or you can start your own organization about what interests you.

Why Choose Cornell College?

At Cornell College, defining who you are means having one extraordinary opportunity after another to do things like dig fossils in New Zealand, immerse yourself in a service project on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, create and lead a student organization on campus, or intern at organizations the world over.

Cornell is a welcoming, nationally acclaimed private liberal arts college in Mount Vernon, Iowa, with a distinctive One Course At A Time calendar. It's a place where you study one subject, in-depth, for 3.5 weeks—no distractions, no rushing off to other classes. You can also use one or more of those 3.5-week blocks to take part in life-changing internships, off-campus study, research, leadership, or volunteer opportunities anytime, anywhere without missing out on other classes. These extraordinary opportunities emerge through close, mentoring relationships with top faculty; through dynamic, career-focused centers and programs; and through endless opportunities you'll encounter in the classroom, on campus, and around the world.

Come visit Cornell and discover the many ways we can help you define your future—one course, one internship, one overseas opportunity, and one friendship at a time.