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Wednesday, April 16th
Cornell Fellows Showcase
6:45 pm
Thomas Commons

Aaron Reykdal '06  

A Business Process Consultant at Target Corporation in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Andrew Kinn '12  

Completed a Cornell Fellowship with the Dallas Cowboys in Dallas, Texas. 

Eva Fisk '12  

Studied sociology in South Africa with the Council of International Educational Exchange program. 

Career Tour Program  

As a part of our Career Tour program, students visited Four Oaks in Cedar Rapids. 

Lisa Chen '12  

Completed a Cornell Fellowship with the Red Cross Society of China in Beijing. 

Megan Dibbern '12  

Completed a Cornell Fellowship at the Maryland Biotechnology Institute in Baltimore, Maryland. 

Road Trips Program  

Students visited Periscope Independent Advertising Agency, in Minneapolis. 

Molly Klokkenga '08  

Completed her Master of Social Work degree at Florida State University. 

Career Engagement Center

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