Sign Posting Policy

All signs hung in the Thomas Commons must be stamped/approved by the Information Desk before posting

Everyone who wishes to create/post a sign must have a sponsor (i.e. an office or organization that is recognized by Student Senate) and make reference to the sponsoring office or organization

Individual students wishing to post a sign in the case of a special circumstance (other than birthdays) are subject to approval/denial by Carol Stock, Facilities Coordinator, and/or Tera Kringle, Director of Student Activities; such signs must include specific and complete contact information when applicable. The length of posting will be two days.

All signs will remain posted for one week or until the event is over, whichever comes first; pre-made signs for organizations meeting once a week may remain posted indefinitely upon approval the Facilities Coordinator, and/or the Director of Student Activities

No signs can be posted on the glass doors, doors to the Hilltop Cafe or in the area of the mail boxes.

No sign can advertise alcohol unless given prior approval from the Dean of Students, Director of Student Life, or Director of Student Activities.  No sign can be profane, or imply profanity.  The information desk reserves the right to remove signs in violation of this (or any) guideline.

Banner may not be over 72 inches (I.E. hang past the wall)

Each student organization is allowed two signs simultaneously on the OC,
one double sign=two signs on the OC

Birthday Signs can only be hung for one day


Offices and organizations recognized by Student Senate may post up to six handbills.

Off-campus groups with a sponsoring office or organization recognized by Student Senate may post one sign; employment ads will be referred to the Career Engagement Office

For sale signs, only one may be posted on the For Sale Board across from the Info Desk

All posting decisions are ultimately at the discretion of the Dean of Students or his/her designee.