The introductory course focuses on the sociological perspective, the basic methods of sociological research, and some of the central content areas of the discipline.  The course is not intended to survey the discipline.  Instead, its goal is to teach students to think sociologically. 

For students wishing to continue their study in sociology, the department offers a range of upper-level courses.  These courses fall into three main sub-areas which represent central content areas of the discipline:

  1. Social Institutions and Social Control
  2. Identity and Culture
  3. Hierarchy and Inequality 

Upper-level offerings in the program include both 200-level and 300-level courses.  The focus of the 200-level courses is more descriptive and the focus of the 300-level courses is more theoretical.  Although 200-level courses are not prerequisites for other courses in the department, these courses are appropriate for both first-year students and sophomores wishing to take a second course in sociology.

Curriculum Details