Major: An interdisciplinary major with a minimum of 10 course credits in Sociology and Anthropology, which include SOC 101 or SOC 102; ANT 101; SOC 387 or ANT 320; SOCor ANT 322; and six other courses, of which at least two are in each discipline, and of which at least three are at or above the 300 level.

No more than two course credits in individualized research (one in Sociology and one inAnthropology), and no more than three 100-level courses may be counted toward the total of 10 course credits.

NoteStudents may not combine this joint major in Sociology and Anthropology with aSociology major, an individualized major in Anthropology, or a Sociology orAnthropology minor.

Teaching Major: Same as above. Completion of the above requirements meets the standards for teaching certification in both sociology and anthropology. In addition to the foregoing requirements, prospective teachers must also apply for admission to the Teacher Education Program (preferably at the start of their sophomore year) and complete coursework leading to secondary certification described under Education. Prospective teachers should request a current list of the specific course requirements from the Education Office.