The anthropology program offers three introductory courses: Cultural Anthropology, Archaeology, and Human Origins and an occasional topics course in Anthropological Linguistics (treating all four of the anthropological subdivisions). The program also includes area courses (ethnographic surveys of socio-cultural systems) and several topics courses in cultural anthropology.  Currently, the program offers courses in ethnological theory and anthropological research methods on an alternate-year basis. 

Many Cornell students take one or more courses in anthropology, often as part of an interdisciplinary major in ethnic studies, environmental studies, women's studies, Latin American studies, archaeology, or religion. Students have also devised a variety of individualized majors combining anthropology with music, art, biology, etc.

Off-campus Study

Direct cultural studies are critical to the practice of anthropology, and the block plan enables us to introduce students to field-based studies on a regular basis. We currently offer the following off-campus courses:

  • Applied Anthropology (San Salvador Island, The Bahamas)
  • West Indian People and Culture (Trinidad and Barbados)
  • Introduction to Field Archaeology (with Iowa State Archaeologist John Doershuk)

Curriculum Details