Resident Assistant 


Class Year (2013-2014):


Beavercreek, OH

Favorite Course at Cornell (so far):
Field course in the Bahamas

Activities at Cornell:
Jazz Band, Wind Ensemble, Steel Drum Band, Music Work Study, ZOMFG, Chess and Games, Geology Club, ASB 

Hobbies & interests:
Reading, video games, cooking, fitness, music, board and card games 

Favorite Thing about Cornell:
My favorite thing about Cornell is the ability to try new things and meet new people. Never being quite sure what or who will be around the next corner. 

Advice about living in the residence halls:
Make friends early and often with those who live on your floor. You never know when you may want to spend time or hang out with someone new. and the people who live on the floor may offer you an experience you would never expect.