Resident Assistant 


Class Year (2013- 2014):

Economics and Business


Favorite Course at Cornell (so far):
Human Relations, Improvisational Dance 

Activities at Cornell:
Slick Shoes, Moonlight Cafe, Sustained Dialogue, Culture Fair, Bowman Hall Council 

Hobbies & interests:
Swing dancing, listening to NPR News, singing karaoke at Moonlight Cafe, creating to-do lists

Favorite Thing about Cornell: 
There is a plethora of opportunities waiting for you at Cornell. People are Cornell are super open to new ideas. Also, I love spontaneous intellectual discussions at lunch and dinner. Those are the best. 

Advice about living in the residence halls:
Be open minded. Sharing your room, your shower, and your living space with other people is not easy. Remember to keep an open mind and I'm sure you will be surprised by how much you grow. Also, consider keeping your door open and smile at everyone in your hall.