"The Leadership Connect Floor made Cornell not just a college but a home away home. It does this by bringing like minded, caring and passionate people together who though leadership and action created a better campus."

Ben Rosen, '15

The Leadership Connect Floor Experience is an amazing program that uses the social landscape of a residence hall floor to create opportunities for personal growth.

Over the course of your first year at Cornell, you will experience programs and events that will connect you to the college. Whether participating in a service project, learning about leadership development, or attending a diversity training workshop, you will gain a better understanding of what it means to be a student, a Cornellian, and a global citizen.

Leadership Connect Floor Programs

During the beginning of their first block on campus, Connect Floor members will attend an off campus retreat where they will get to know each other through team building activities. They will also have the unique opportunity to get connected on campus by meeting several key professional staff members.

In order to complete the Leadership Connect Floor requirements, there are three areas of focus: community service, personal/social development, and academics. Connect Floor members are required to attend a set number of community service projects, developmental workshops and academic department sponsored activities/events. Upon completion of the requirements, students will be recognized for their achievements.

  • Community Service - members will have the opportunity to participate in monthly community service projects with the entire floor or on an individual basis. These projects can be one time events or continual service. Examples of agencies in Mount Vernon or the Cedar Rapids area include Mid-American Housing Project, Hallmark Care Center, Cedar Valley Humane Society, American Cancer Society's Relay for Life, area camps and state parks, and Waypoint Center for Women and Children.
  • Personal/Social Development - students will interact with staff and faculty during workshops focused on topics such as leadership skills, diversity issues, career building and resume workshop, personal health, personality inventories, and spiritual exploration.
  • Academics - participants will be asked to attend a variety of academic department sponsored programs such as lectures, plays, concerts, exhibits, or discussions. The academic programs each individual chooses to attend is based on their personal interests.


The Floor

The Leadership Connect Floor is located in Pauley Hall. Members will live on a co-ed floor (males and females on the same floor in single gender rooms with single gender restrooms).

Who Should Participate?

In short, anyone who wants to be involved on campus should consider Connect Floor. Connect Floor is not a program aimed at one “type” of student. In fact, we’re looking to create a diverse and exciting learning environment consisting of a wide range of individual personalities, experiences, and skills.

You May Also Be Interested In...

Students who are interested in leadership and service, but who are not interested in a co-ed residential experience, should consider any number of opportunities offered by the Civic Engagement Office. Opportunities include Lunch Buddies, a program pairing college students with elementary school students for mentoring, and Alternative Spring Break. In addition to these, the Civic Engagement Office offers a series of programs to help you develop leadership skills through workshops and hands-on activities.

For previous participants:

We're interested in your feedback! Let us know about your experiences, good or bad.


Applications for the Leadership Connect Floor are now available.